Quick guide to understanding authority of POA

As we know a power of attorney is a document that allows attorney to carry out legal matters in absence of their clients that’s why it is also important to understand how much and how flexible authority can be granted to the attorney. It is completely your decision to provide limited or complete authority to your agents and before you do that, we have explained a few authority guidelines which can help you in coming up with a clear perspective and a smarter decision.

If you choose a durable power of attorney, they will be involved in general legal matters of finances and property which means that they can make decisions on your behalf for those matters while staying under the boundaries that were defined during the agreement which the client and agent, both must have signed. The durable power of attorney Abu Dhabi still remains intact when the client is no longer in their correct frame of mind or mentally incapacitated. In such cases, the responsibility becomes double which means that in a certain situation of client being sick, the attorney would still be paying their bills on their behalf but they can’t make critical life decisions about the client’s health because would not fall in their domain but a health care POA will be required in such cases.

A health care power of attorney is a document that would allow agent to make decisions regarding client’s health in unforeseen critical circumstances. The agreement is known as a health proxy this would simply mean that the attorney will be signing on behalf of their client in emergency critical medical condition.

The next durable POA is the financial power of attorney. Agent will be required to fulfil all sorts of financial responsibilities of their clients which could include a vast window. From filing tax returns to signing off cheques maintaining investments and social security cheques, everything will be their responsibility even when the client is incapable of making decisions. Agent would be required to carry out tasks as per agreement making sure that their decisions align with what the client have thought best for themselves and acting out accordingly as per their ability keeping the agreement under consideration.

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