Laundry and Its Kinds

Laundry is a process of cleaning and washing your clothes making it dirt and bacteria free. The laundry is done in a particular room. In an individual’s home this specified room is called a laundry room or utility room. The process of washing clothes includes washing and rinsing clothes in water, use of soap or detergent or any other chemical necessary to remove stains, dust, dirt, and bacteria. After the process of washing and rinsing of clothes is completed, the laundry then is either air dried or using a dryer. After that the clothes are ironed and folded.

As everything has rights or wrongs, there is also a specific method of washing clothes. Yes, laundry has its particular method and if you follow it you will get to see surprising and positive change in your laundry!

  1. Firstly, load up your washing machine with laundry.
  2. Secondly, fill the washing machine with water.
  3. Lastly, add soap, detergent or any kind of chemical you are using.

By following above method you will definitely notice a positive change while washing your clothes and be surprised by the long life of your clothes.

But what if you cannot or do not want to do your laundry at your home? Need not to worry. There laundry services to facilitate you. What is laundry service? A laundry service is a service which washes your clothes, dry them, iron them, and even fold it for you. The laundry services are usually available in hotels. In Dubai there are many good laundry services available. In Dubai marina, laundry services are best available there.

Laundry Services Provided:

Various services are provides. Some of the provided services are following:

  • Dry cleaning curtains
  • Dry cleaning wedding dresses
  • Dry cleaning suits
  • Rug cleaning
  • Alteration of clothes and curtains
  • Laundry and washing
  • Ironing
  • Folding and hanging
  • Dry cleaning general garments

Kinds of Laundry Services

In Dubai marina, many people run laundry service as a business. To know kinds of services provided look at this now. Some of the kinds I will discuss below:


This is the oldest kind of laundry. It is the one generally used. It is a mechanical system based on machine.

Staffed laundry:

In this kind, trained and professional staff takes care of your clothes.

Fluff and Fold Service:

In this kind your clothes are directly picked from your home for your convenience.

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