Dubai – The Ever Expanding Tourist Attraction

There is no denying that Dubai stands tall with pride over its status as one of the most inspired and toured cities in the world today. However, this is the current situation and the way things are going, we are expecting Dubai to become the most visited city every year in the world. There are several things that make it one and will keep doing so if the current policies kept rolling in the right direction. We may well be looking at the city do expand more in the coming decade. The current expansion plans call for twice as much expansion to be seen in the next decade. So an expanding city is likely going to accommodate bigger and better tourist attractions.

Firstly, the government of Dubai has maintained its focus on turning this city into an economic powerhouse. Despite a mild recession that the city suffered during 2007-08, Dubai has never looked back and has made more progress ever since. The property sector was badly hurt and approximately $40 billion flew from the economy in development sector alone. Today, things are shaping up so well that billions are flocking into the city in different sectors. We see tourism industry being developed at an unprecedented pace the likes of which were never seen. The tourism industry is the heart and soul of Dubai while all other sectors revolve around it. Dubai administration has presented the world an interesting development model that is based on tourism. Here is more on how they’ve done that:

Tourism And Entertainment

It is true that Dubai has to give due credit to its tourism industry and rightly so. Without proper tourism, there would be no Dubai. For instance, as of now, Burj Khalifa is the most visited tourism spot in Dubai and is the source of bringing $billions to the national exchequer. There are many such spots all over the area with each one bringing valuable earnings to the government.

Investment is the second pillar upon which the financial back of the city stands. By developing lucrative and incentive filled free zones, the government played another interesting scheme that attracted millions from around the world. These entities came and invested in both free and non-free zones and brought in precious foreign exchange with them.

All in all, to cut the long story short, touring Dubai is great way to make the most out of your trip and for all the right reasons.

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