Things to do in USA

After the selection of Donald Trump as the president of America, rules of visiting America both temporary and permanent visas arechanged. Things have become more restricted since election of new President. America has a cultural impact on people around the world and most people are quite familiar with natural and historical places. View it now for further details about securing Abu Dhabi US visa. Places like the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate bridge, Grand National Canyon Park: are the places most visited by tourist.

Here is the list of places one should visit on going to America:

  • The Grand Canyon is a place which is well known among young tourists. It is a beautiful natural site.
  • If you want to witness volcano eruption then visiting Hawaii volcanoes National Park is a great idea. On spilling of volcano into the water, smell of sulphur is produced that make ups the aura of that place. One can travel in carters around the park or also can  have the look from helicopter. Various sand beaches and Tropical rainforest at present in this area.
  • Yellowstone National Park is in in Wyoming. It is a park that cannot be explore by just driving through it. People camp and hike and explore wildlife doing that. One could spend 12 days having Yellowstone wildlife trails adventures.
  • One could take trip Alaska in summers for climbing and rafting. Also in winter snow snowmobiling and dog sledding are the fun people could have.
  • The everglades in Florida is the site for exploring wildlife as well as beautiful ecosystems. One could hike or take a boat to experience all the wildlife and estuaries around them.
  • In Washington DC there is a park between capital and Lincoln Memorial. This Park is called America’s front yard. Top class history museums history entrance are in that area. Tourist visit at National air and space museum to look at the moon rock and other antiques in the museum.
  • The most popular place in New York to visit is the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is made up of copper and is 150 feet tall. It is present at the harbour entrance of New York. Get there on ferry cruise and must climb on the Crown.
  • Walt Disney World is the most anticipated tourism place. People from different countries as well as celebrities also visited Disney World.
  • Another tourism spot is Hollywood. This is the place where for the first-time camera rolled in 1907. One could visit Film City, have a look at celebrities houses in Beverly Hills and can also check out Hollywood walk of Fame.
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