How mothers should keep themselves emotionally healthy?

Motherhood is such a long journey which seems to be so difficult in early days. Therefore, it is important to look after yourself physically,  mentally and emotionally. All of them are important to be taken care of because a human is compilation of physical body, mind and soul.

A mother can take care of herself physically by having balanced diet and proper food but mental health is not so easy. You have to do other things.

If you want to know then read below to find more!

Sleep: Motherhood is not easy. Therefore, they should sleep whenever they get time because at many times they cannot sleep at night and at many times they have to remain awake for more than 20 hours a day. So sleep, when your child is slept otherwise you will get sick and mothers cannot afford to get sick or suffer from fever or flu because their children are dependent on them entirely. Try your best to sleep on time, like at night for eight hours. But if you are unable to have that, then sleep when you are sleepy and when your environment allows you to go to bed and gave sound sleep.

Books and shows: Do what makes you happy. Read your favourite books and watch your favorite series in your free time to enjoy this journey. Buy books and cds. Download them because internet is hub of everything. According to survey and reports, reading books improves your hormonal level and help you to remain happy.

Reduce phone: No doubt, using phone relax us a lot but from inside the same phone is giving us stress because of its rays and light. Therefore, make this journey a little less stressful by reducing your screen timing. Don’t stop using it completely. Just reduce it.

Parks and outings: Try to go to park or garden with your child everyday because the fresh air and greenery flood your body with euphoria and happy hormones which you don’t know. So,  let the greenery make it’s canopy in your veins and keep you happy all day and night.

Relatives and friends: Meet your friends and hug them tightly because according to experiments hugging releases happy hormones in y9ur body because hug pushes those glands which are responsible for it.

Comfy clothes: Every other thing has affect on your emotions and mental health. And your comfort  is linked to your emotions. So keep yourself comfortable by wearing maternity clothes and nursing bras which are padded and soft to make everything less irritating.

So,  do these things and keep yourself healthy!

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